Qualification des Systèmes de Perception
QUASPER R&D has three operational objectives in the service of companies and laboratories: - contributing to the development of new technologies of sensors and perception systems; - supporting the setting-up of European standards on functional performance qualification for perception systems; - providing scientific and technological elements to help structure the development of a future operational platform which will provide qualification and certification services for sensors and integrated systems

Quasper R&D outcomes are:

– a defined qualification methodology for each domain based on specific scenarios;
– the specification of an initial corpus of reference data for
several sensor types;
– the specification of the complete platform architecture for sensors stimulation, results analysis and comparison;
– the setting-up of a European standard on functional performance
qualification for perception systems.

Number of scientific articles published: 5

– Quasper, qualification des systèmes de perception, Colloque AVIRS 2010, Paris

– Illustration du banc dynamique Quasper, journée VeDeCom, 2010

– Caractérisation de capteurs optiques, journée VeDeCom, 2010

– Outil de qualification de détection de piéton, journée VeDeCom, 2010

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 0

Number of product’s innovation service: 1

Number of projected jobs created: 5

Number of jobs maintained: 8

Number of related companies creation: 0