Simulation Numérique de la radiographie industrielle pour le contrôle non destructif
Non Destructive Testing (NDT), involved in all sectors having important security issues (power, transports, oil&gaz,…), aims at detecting, localizing and caracterizing potential flaws in a given structure. Simulation is now commonly used in NDT as it permits to efficiently contribute to the control methods design & optimization, their analysis, and their qualification. Radiographic Testing (RT) is one of the major techniques in NDT. The goal of the RADIOLA project was to federate the 3 french simulation codes in RT (from CEA LETI, EDF R&D and INSA) in order to provide a unique software tool, leader on the market. This module is integrated in the multitechnique platform CIVA (Ultrasounds, Eddy Current, Radiography). This new product benefit from the feedback of industrial users : SAFRAN and EDF.

3 main axis of development:

– A single architecture whatever the source type ( X-ray or Gamma) allowing:

– Homogeneisation of possibilities

– Access to all existing detector models

– An easy maintenance for future evolutions

– Dramatic improvement of numerical performance:

-Selection of the best algorithms from the 3 existing codes for radiation computation

– Deletion of redundancies

– Multi-threaded calculation

– New features for users:

– Improvement of measurement and processing tools

– Integration of a detectability criteria

-Increased user interactivity by giving the possibility to “re-run” fastly some configurations when some parameters changes (exposure time, film,…)

Number of scientific articles published: 4

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 1

1 Evo Produit : Civa 10.0 – module RT, released on the market in June 2010.

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Number of projected jobs created: 10

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