Real Time Embedded Linux For Industries
RTEL4i project deals about creating an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in order to make migration from proprietary hard realtime embedded systems (RTOS for Real Time Operating System, such as VxWorks® or pSOS®) to Linux environment easier. Of course same IDE will be used for creating native realtime applications for Linux. RTEL4i is not targeted in new RTOS definition. In the opposite, we want to integrate several free and validated software components such as Linux kernel, GNU toolchain, Eclipse, Xenomai, RTAI, PREEMPT-RT or Busybox in a unified and certified environment. Most of existing (free or proprietary) solutions focus on ONE technology (example: PREEMPT-RT vs Xenomai). RTEL4i IDE will propose a bunch of solutions depending on project constraints.

Number of scientific articles published: 2

– Kthiri, M.; Kadionik, P.; Lévi, H.; Loukil, H.; Ben Atitallah, A.; Masmoudi, N.; “A parallel hardware architecture of deblocking filter in H264/AVC,” Electronics and
Telecommunications (ISETC), 2010 9th International Symposium on , vol., no.,
pp.341-344, 11-12 Nov. 2010 doi: 10.1109/ISETC.2010.5679363
– Kthiri, M.; Kadionik, P.; Lévi, H.; Loukil, H.; Ben Atitallah, A.; Masmoudi, N.; “An
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– P. Ficheux: Le projet RTEL4I, séminaire “systèmes embarqués” Technifutur Liège (Belgique), mars 2009

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 1

Number of product’s innovation service: 1

– Quality of service regarding embedded/realtime Linux distribution was greatly improved as creating distribution is much easier thanks to GUI.
– Xenoscope tools is a very useful tool for realtime debug.
– Multiplatform approach is very important too as customer as to learn only ONE interface.
– A new product called “Mandriva build platform” was prototyped. The product is dedicated to Linux distribution production including code analysis, compilation and test.

Number of projected jobs created: 10

Number of jobs maintained: 0

Number of related companies creation: 0

– No new activity/company created.
– Embedded system training was greatly improved at Open Wide