SafeAround project consists in the design and the realization of a future perimetric protection demonstration system. The protected area can be a peri urban zone, a coastline, an open field countryside or a desert. SafeAround must allow highly reliable detections and an intelligent synthetic management of threats information. The designed system can detect and classify the intrusion of people, groups, vehicles, and flying objects in any directions of the hemispheric space. Different kinds of sensors such as a thermal infrared + visible light hemispheric imager, and a set of new generation geophonic sensors are linked to a common data fusion control console. The main goal of this project is to prove and illustrate the efficiency of the association of the optronic and the geophonic sensors in typical surveillance scenarios.

This Project allowed to built the first demonstrator of a system fusioning the following kinds of intrusion sensors :

– Optronic IR+visible Hemispheric camera

– Set of geophonic sensors.

The fusion system allows computing detections coming from either single or multiple sensors.
The integrated system is based on an Ethernet architecture using a modern standardized supervising protocole: SNMP.

The optronic system is the first using uncooled IR detectors to perform hemispheric cameras. Furthermore, the visible and IR channels are integrated into a single system.
The geophonic sensors allow an improved localization of the threats using the triangulation of the geophonic signals.

Number of scientific articles published: 1

Publication presented at OPTRO2010 conference: Panoramic Images With Uncooled Detectors

Number of patents filed: 1

FR 2 947 132
object : new scanning concept of IR panoramic imager using uncooled detectors

Number of product’s innovation: 3

HGH camera + Martec sensor + Evitech software

Number of product’s innovation service: 0

Number of projected jobs created: 13

Number of jobs maintained: 0

Number of related companies creation: 2

– HGH Infrared Systems (USA)
– ASIA Infrared Systems (Singapore)