The SIGMONA project, SDN Concept in Generalized Mobile Network Architectures, will study network architectures and functions for evolution of the LTE/EPC (3GPP) mobile networks. The main focus is on the network, although and end-to-end system approach, including the LTE radio system, will be taken. The project will apply the latest networking and computing technologies and architectures onto the LTE/EPC mobile network. The project aims at evaluation, specification and validation of a Software Defined Mobile Network concept designed onto the software defined networking (SDN), network virtualization and cloud computing principles. The project will provide an insight into the feasibility and opportunities of such network concepts, as well as evaluate the limits of performance and scalability of the new technologies applied on mobile broadband networks. New opportunities for traffic, resource and mobility management will be studied. New challenges on network security and solutions for those will be addressed. Network virtualization solutions in the mobile transport networks, as well as effects on the network monitoring and network management solutions are relevant, too. The project will also outline the impact onto cost of network, value chain and business models.

The telecommunications industry have high interest on virtualization of mobile networks, and utilization of Cloud computing principles and data center processing capacity for mobile networks. This evolution will involved many new technologies, such as Software Defined Networking with related protocols, cloud computing SW platforms, networks resources virtualization and slicing, novel traffic management and optimization principles, and network security solutions. The project with study and validate the key areas of Software Defined Mobile Networks build on those technologies for new innovative networks concepts and architectures.
SIGMONA project will study these network technologies for the mobile networks, in particular for the evolution of LTE networks as mobile broadband networks. The project will apply SDN, virtualization and cloud computing for an innovative evolution step of the mobile networks for coping with the foreseen huge increase of mobile data traffic whilst maintaining economic viability. It is the target of the project to create a Software Defined Mobile Network, and validate the key concepts of it.

Work in progress.