Portable Inspection System using X-rays for Detection and identification of Explosives and chemical Risks for Security
The discovery of a suspect object in a public domain creates a crisis situation and results in implementing protocols to evaluate the threat and secure the area. The aim of the SPIDERS project is to validate the feasibility of a new enhanced portable inspection system based on complementary X rays techniques. PROJECT => 3 SCIENTIFIC ISSUES + DEMONSTRATOR - 3D & bi energie imaging without mechanical displacement using multiple X ray beams based on carbon nanotube photo-cathodes. - CdZnTe high resolution spectrometric linear detector working at ambient temperature. - 3D diffraction imaging allowing spectral analysis for identifying illegal materials.

– First significant lifetime demonstration of a CNT cathode in a X
ray diode during 3months in continuous operation
– Developpment of a new spectral analysis method based on Energy Dispersive X-Ray Diffraction using a limited database of illegal substances
– A dedicated 3D reconstruction algorithm, based on an iterative
technique implemented within a multi-resolution approach has been developed

Number of scientific articles published: 4

Nanotechnology 19 105201 (2008) “Carbon nanotube based photocathode” – L. Hudanski, E. Minoux, L. Gangloff, K.B.K. Teo, J.-P. Schnell, S. Xavier, W.I. Milne, D. Pribat, J. Robertson, P. Legagneux : [THALES RT, LPICM & al] Nuclear instruments in Methods in Physics Research A (NIMA 2010. 623(3): p. 1050-1060) “Energy dispersive Xray Diffraction to identify Explosive Substances: spectra analysis procedure optimization” – Charles Crespy, Férreol Soulez, Philippe Duvauchelle, Valérie Kaftandjian, Pascal Ponard [INSA Lyon, Thales ED]
Nuclear instruments in Methods in Physics Research A (NIMA 2011. 654(1): p. 450-463) “Modeling-based optimization study for an EDXRD system in a portable configuration” Angela Peterzol, Philippe Duvauchelle,Valérie Kaftandjian, Pascal Ponard [INSA Lyon, Thales ED.]

Number of patents filed: 2

– Source de rayons X à photocathode à nanotubes de carbone (2008) Dépôt brevet France 08.00397 le 25.01.2008
– Source de faisceau électronique collimaté à cathode froide (2009) – Dépôt brevet France 09.02733 le 05.06.2009

Number of product’s innovation: 1

CNT very compact X-ray source for pipe backscattering inspection

Number of product’s innovation service: 0

Number of projected jobs created: 4

entre 2 et 4

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Number of related companies creation: 1

A spin-off called MultiX SA has been created by Thales Electron Devices and will develop spectrometric detectors for Security market.