Square Predict is an ambitious Big Data project for the world of the insurance, led with a first-rate french insurer, three research laboratories (LIPN, LIPADE and LARIS), two sofware houses (ISTHMA, ARROW FINANCIAL CONSULTING) and the consulting company specialized in privacy protection (Digital & Dethics). The stake for the producers of insurance is to deal with the avalanche of available data to not be competed directly in the distribution by giants of internet like Google, Facebook, Amazon… today masters in the art product targeting. Here are some problems that will be addressed by square predict: • Detection of the appearance of global events, as the epidemics of flu by the analysis of the weak signals. • real time estimation of the financial impact of the damages caused by a large-scale event like climatic events. Prediction of the loss ratio damages of waters or fire according to the public data and to the history of the insurants (district by district, even street by street, even address by address). Square predict has for ambition to allow the insurers to value and to monetize more than their data.

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