Software QUality ASsurance enHancement
SQUASH aims at rationalizing and giving structure to the different activities of functional testing : test management, test automation, test data management, and administration and management of software quality service centers. SQUASH includes four research lines: - Standards and models: to provide software reliability and conformity models to bet¬ter control testing activities and improve quality software measurement. - Methodology and skills: to set up an educational and methodological knowledge base for software testing. - Technical tools: to develop open source tools to optimize and simplify testing activities. - Organisation: to provide a tool based methodology to perform testing activities as part of a software quality service center.

The Squash Project has yielded two main results: first, Squash contributes to better manage and industrialize test processes through its two easy-to-get / easy-to-use open source tools : Squash TM (manual test management) and Squash TA (automated test management).

Second, the project also has an impact on the professionalization of the test management field. Based on a pedagogical approach stemming from methodologies and tools developed within the Squash Project, l’Ecole de la Qualité Logicielle (Software Quality Assurance School) is the first training program dedicated to Software Quality Assurance. Through its hands-on, operational four-month training program, more than 120 job seekers have made a successful return to full employment since its inception in March 2012.

Number of scientific articles published: 2

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 2

– Squash TM: open source test management (requirements, test cases, test executions etc.)
– Squash TA : open source test automation tool (compatible with the leading test automatons)

Number of product’s innovation service: 4

– Squash TM/TA on-demand services: on-site installation and maintenance, platform administration, migration
– Squash TM as a Service: maintenance, platform administration, migration
– Squash customization: Customer-oriented development (either as a plug-in or as an evolution to the open source core)
– Training

Number of projected jobs created: 0

Number of jobs maintained: 0

Number of related companies creation: 0