Slightly transmission and detection
Optical transport systems are in permanent evolution because they need to support the continuously growing Internet traffic. Many researchers have proved that by pushing to their limit the actual technologies it will be impossible to satisfy traffic demand before year 2020. This project focuses on telecom systems working on very large effective area optical fibers that go beyond the single-mode condition. By using a new and unexploited physical property, the spatial dimension, we want to increase the throughput of a fiber link.

In the framework of this project we demonstrated for the first time a mode division multiplexed transmission of a 100 Gb/s signal over 2 modes (March 2011) and 5 modes (September 2011). In 2012, we have designed and characterized an optical amplifier capable of 6 mode amplification. The technology for mode conversion and multiplexing has been packaged in a device.

Number of scientific articles published: 28

– [1] M. Salsi et al “Transmission at 2x100Gb/s, over Two Modes of 40km-long Prototype Few-Mode Fiber, using LCOS based Mode Multiplexer and Demultiplexer,” OFC 2011, Post-Deadline Paper PDP-B9

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Number of patents filed: 5

– “Method of Optical Data Transmission using Mode Division Multiplexing” EP 2,645,609
– « A multimode optical fiber interferometer », EP 2,538,253
– “Spatial mode gain equalization”, EP 2,533,435 (A1)
– « A monomode optical fiber », EP2,402,799 (A1) gain equalization”

Number of product’s innovation: 1

Thanks to the project, Kylia, now produces a packaged mode converter and multiplexer, which can be ordered with the prototype few mode fiber realized by Draka/Prysmian or with any custom few-mode fiber.

Number of product’s innovation service: 0

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