Many countries, including France, have decided to support Renewable Energy Sources (RES) development and deployment through Feed-In-Tariffs (FIT), with sometimes an unexpected success on volumes. The increasing maturity of these infrastructures and the operational issues induced by their variability now call for new funding schemes, different from FIT, favoring innovation solutions like the combination of RES with flexibility assets (storage and/or Demand Side Management, etc.). Those schemes might be based on innovative market designs (introduction of capacity revenues, procuring ancillary services and distribution network balancing services on the markets, etc.) that will require regulatory evolutions to offer a supportive framework for the development of innovative and flexible units to combine with RES. In this changing environment the Sun'R group – initially focused as a solar PV developer and producer – formed a vision that initiated the SunHydrO project, now hold by a dedicated company: Sun'R Smart Energy.

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