An integrated computing machine for complex embedded systems
The objective is the definition of a multi-domain massively parallel architecture and corresponding tool flow. The proposedarchitecture will be able to embed heterogeneous accelerators optimised for the targeted application domains. A homogeneous programming model will ensure hardware independence of the application. A design environment will allow to optimize and map the application on theparallel architecture.

Number of scientific articles published: 1

Number of patents filed: 3

– Principe de l’architecture en tuile intégrant chacune un accélérateur :

– Sami Yehia, “Système Multiprocesseur”, Patent # FR2938943, Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle, France, May 2010
– Sami Yehia, “Multiprocessor system”, United State Patent 20100153685, June 2010

– Principe de génération automatique d’accélérateur dédié
– Yehia, S., Temam, O. and Berry, H. (2010) “Procédé pour la conception d’accélérateurs”, Patent # FR2937762, Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle, France, April 2010

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– Startup INPIXAL
– Startup KALRAY