Ultra-Wideband Integrated amplifying Device for Enhanced WDM optical systems
The UltraWIDE project has addressed the issue of increasing the total capacity of wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) systems through a disruptive approach. Based on the combination of high performance photonics components with free space optics technologies, the project aimed at developing a disruptive 100nm-large wideband optical amplifier covering more than C and L bands, and designing WDM system configurations best suited to the specificities of the new optical amplifier.

The UltraWIDE project has addressed several areas in the research domain of very high bit rates optical communications:

– Specification, design, and fabrication of high performance photonic components
– Integration of photonic components inside innovative polarization diversity architectures made of free space optics technologies
– Accurate modelling of the device itself, and of a full WDM link with optimized system parameters (modulation format, dispersion mapping and power levels)
– Experimental test of the integrated device in a WDM link with the use of advanced multi-level modulation formats at up to 200Gbit/s channel rate.

The project has demonstrated the first proof of concept of 100nm-wide bandwidth transmission systems using an ultra-wide band amplifier based on semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA). A transmission experiment of 140 channels carrying each 200 Gb/s data has been realized to demonstrate the potential of the proposed solution for next generation ultra-wide band optical systems.

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The proof of concept demonstrated in the UltraWIDE project has validated the potential of the wideband optical amplifier to enable the increase of total system capacity of metro-core and long-haul applications, and to provide an efficient gateway between backbone and access networks. Although this disruptive solution was not found mature enough for industrialization, the results of the UltraWIDE project has given rise to a new project submission (FUI-AAP18) whose aim is to build an integrated solution that can be rapidly turned into a product and placed on the market.

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The aid strengthened the chain of French actors in the field of optical telecommunications by accelerating research leading to the release of locking issues in the project and providing industrial project partners a strategic advantage over the entire competition.

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