eXtended VISION
The XVISION project aims at developping a new ultra-wide dynamic range camera. This camera provides a high quality image of a scene by keeping the contrast information independent of the scene physical contrast without any optical, electrical and mechanical adjustment. Thus the designed camera is ideal for a large variety of applications where the scene illumination is either difficult or highly contrasted such as automotive vision, surveillance… The second purpose of the project is to suggest new intelligent image processing algorithms fitted to the image provided by the camera and to validate its efficiency in several situations like public transportation and the sensitive sites protection.

The XVISION project offered the possibility to develop a true logarithmic sensor using an array of photodiodes operated in photovoltaic mode. Contrary to most logarithmic imager designs, the array of photodiodes is operated in photovoltaic mode and the open-circuit voltage across the p/n junction is proportional to the exact and pure logarithmic value of the incident light intensity. An analog camera which incoporates this sensor has been developped. Secondly, new intelligent image processing algorithms fitted to the image provided by the camera have been developped. Thus, the advantages and the ways of improvement have been highlighted.

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Camera ( including NIT sensor ) + 3 softwares
– Use of a new generation of sensor based on an active matrix generating a signal indexed on contrast
– Excellent image stability whatever the scene illumination
– Ultra high dynamic range
– low noise.

New developments on Evitech’software Jaguar :
– detection with car lights on at night
– detection in a scene containing a portion of the sky, even when the sun crosses the sky portion.

Facial recognition:
– contrast enhancement by histogram equalization
– correction of interleaving effect.

Obstacle detection :
– use of photometric gradients in images
– line by line analysis of camera data
– SLAM ( Simultaneous Localization And Mapping ): specific development of mathematical tools adapted to XVISION camera.

Behaviour analysis

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