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Business - Open Innovation

As part of its open innovation strategies, Systematic is deploying a number of programs and initiatives to bring together start-ups and SMEs with high technological value and major clients.

Challenges, POCs, Open Innovation Meetings or Business Meetings are all opportunities to initiate collaborations and encourage open innovation approaches that enable processes and innovation methods to evolve and new organizational models to be adopted.

Systematic is driven by the conviction that a balanced relationship between start-ups/SMEs and clients is beneficial to both parties, resulting in a win-win dynamic:

  • a commercial or financial contribution (corporate venture) or as a testing ground for the start-up/SME
  • a gain in agility, user experience (POC) or reactivity in relation to transformations for the clients

In order to guarantee the best conditions, we use our knowledge of the ecosystem, our privileged contacts within the clients, our capacity to mobilize innovative start-ups/SMEs, our support in the construction of specifications, our help in defining the need, etc. ….

As a result, our members have access to value-creating initiatives and privileged moments of exchange that allow them to forge strategic or financial partnerships with proven results on the field:

National (AI), Regional (AI/Cyber, Industry) and Local Authorities – which enable major clients, “sponsors” of the Challenge, to identify start-ups/SMEs and technology suppliers on their topics of interest, while benefiting from a leverage effect thanks to the pooling of these topics.

For more information about the challenges, please contact the Systematic innovation team.

Putting start-ups/SMEs in touch with clients on thematic subjects and in connection with the Hubs/Challenges
Sourcing at the request of principals and B2B meetings organized using a matchmaking platform with pre-qualification of offers and requests

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