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R&D - Innovation projects

Research and development are obviously at the heart of innovation and are supported by a variety of mechanisms that keep on spreading and multiplying: PSPC, PSPC-Regions, Innov'up, PIAVE, ANR, I-Nov, etc...

Systematic supports its members on a daily basis along their innovation steps, particularly in the following areas :

To guide our ecosystem through the complexity of funding mechanisms and related calls for projects (CFPs), and to make them able to be more efficient by targeting only the subjects that match with their working fields, Systematic offers a strict selection of calls for projects. Throughout the year, our members will be kept informed of the CFPs that are likely to interest them, directly related to Systematic’s themes and issues, at the regional, national and European levels. They will find these calls for proposals on this website, but also in our newsletters and in the monthly webinars that we provide.
Improving our members’ projects thanks to the expertise of their peers is one of Systematic’s highest priorities. Through its Hubs and Stakes, Systematic brings together more than 200 experts who analyze the applications that are submitted to us every month by our members. Thanks to their experience in setting up these different types of projects, they will provide candidates with feedback so that they will be able to improve their applications and increase their chances of being financed.
When a member’s project is evaluated as sufficiently credible by our experts, Systematic’s instances(Hubs and Stakes’ Steering Committees, Executive Board, Board of Directors) will meet to decide whether or not to award our label to the project. This label, which is recognized by innovation funding agencies, will give added visibility and increase its chances of being financed.

At the regional, national and European levels

Many calls for proposals financed by the Paris (Île-de-France) region allow companies in its territory to finance their R&D. The French government also funds many projects that offer french companies various opportunities to get their R&D activities funded. Allowing its members to benefit from European funds related to research, technological development and/or the marketing strategy of their product/solution is also one of Systematic’s important goals. Systematic’s dedicated Europe department is at their disposal by offering members advice on European R&D financing trends.

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