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Development and acceleration

Systematic Paris-Region provides SMEs and start-ups seeking to develop and grow with operational support through a range of services structured around five areas : visibility, access to market, access to funding, management consulting, and skills and HR. By intervening at a decisive moment in their development, Systematic helps its members to identify specific partners and financing tools to best prepare their growth strategy.

  • 1 - Increase visibility

    • Systematic’s “Champion” label enables a selection of SMEs with over €5 million of turnover to benefit from a premium support programme which is tailored to each champion panel by Systematic on all their growth levers, as well as to enjoy increased visibility within the ecosystem.
    • Speeches at national or international conferences are also seen as a source of added value in terms of audience and exposure. The annual Systematic Convention is one example among many others.
  • 2 - Open market access opportunities

    Throughout the year, Systematic implements a range of actions aiming to facilitate market access for its members, such as Open Innovation meetings, Open Business Meetings and Challenges.

    Systematic can also help its members integrate its European projects, for which SMEs are particularly targeted, such as:

    • 2020/22 : the European Food Pack Lab 2 project will bring together providers of deep-tech solutions and players in the smart food value chain – in Europe as well as in the Indian and South African markets. This project has two objectives: to promote the internationalization of SMEs and to facilitate the growth and collaboration of SMEs. For further details, please click on this link: FoodPackLab 2
    • 2020/22 : the European project B-hub for Europe aims to encourage the use of blockchain within industry or public organizations and to support the growth of technology start-ups. In addition to these market aspects, B-hub (click to see the project’s website) also aims to enhance the value of blockchain applications and accelerate high-potential start-ups through a dedicated services offering.
  • 3 - Access to Funding

    The EIP label (Entreprise Innovante des Pôles= “Clusters’ Innovative companies”) is intended for innovative SMEs that are members of competitiveness clusters (french “Pôles de Compétitivité”) like Systematic and have strong growth potential. It is aimed at SMEs looking to raise funds and ready to do so under the best possible conditions, by involving investors within the competitiveness cluster’s ecosystem.

    Twice a year, SMEs that have obtained the EIP label benefit from privileged access to investors who are active in the “Club des Investisseurs” (french “Investors’ Club”). This represents a unique opportunity to show their project and development ambitions.

    In order to boost access to financing for its SME members, Systematic Paris-Region runs the Investors’ Club, which is made up of corporate funds, business angels and investment funds specializing in venture capital and development capital. These include Cap-Decisif Management (now called Karista), Credit-Mutuel Innovation, Euronext, as well as Corporate Venture funds that are affiliated with major member groups such as Orange and Safran.

    The main missions of the Investors’ Club are to :

    • Prepare and participate in fundraising operations for Deep Tech companies
    • Participate in coaching entrepreneurs and selected SMEs
    • Meet start-ups from the ecosystem, in particular Systematic most promising companies (Champions, SMEs with the EIP label, French Tech 120, etc.)
    • Exchange on investment practices and promote financing tools to SMEs in the ecosystem (through round tables and thematic networking)

    Through its monitoring actions, both in terms of regional, national or European calls for proposals, but also through so-called cascade funding, Systematic helps SMEs and start-ups with the identification of the best financing opportunities, as well as key partners for innovation or development projects.

    • 2018/20 : the European Deep Tech 4 Good project highlighted nearly 200 Deep Tech start-ups targeting markets like healthcare, mobility, smart city and industry of the future. A committee of European investors was set up at the time of the launch.
  • 4 - Management consulting

    Systematic brings support on various growth levers thanks to its partners (Deloitte, BVF/BPRI (BPCE group), HSBC, Visconti, etc.) Systematic is always keen to strengthen the services which are provided to its SME members. To this end, it relies on several strategic partners who are capable of raising awareness, training, and supporting the SME ecosystem in all its development issues. Our partners offer our members a privileged access to their services to support them in their strategy, either on management, business or finance.

    Our team also organizes thematic workshops with one-on-one meetings with experts (360° analysis, fundraising assistance, partner search, etc.) We offer such services to help our members with formalizing their value proposition and measuring their needs in various areas, such as management, financing, and HR. Systematic puts them in touch with qualified independent experts to better support them in terms of market positioning, business model, or strategy of management teams.

  • 5 - Human Resources

    Systematic also provides assistance in HR and skills matters. Our range of services offering ranges from recruitment assistance in all its forms (legal, HR strategy, etc.) without forgetting training for professional retraining.

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