Systematic’s missions


Since its creation in 2005, the European Deep Tech competitiveness cluster Systematic has brought together and led a community of nearly 900 members, including 550 SMEs, 140 large corporations, 160 R&D centers and research organizations, 30 local authorities and institutional partners, and 20 investors.

Systematic connects players in the software, digital and Deep Tech industries through collaborative innovation, networking and technology sourcing, with the aim of :

  • Create and design new products, services and uses, using an open innovation platform
  • Bring their innovations to market
  • Accelerate the growth and competitiveness of companies
  • Support the economic development of the territory and its valorization

In terms of its core business, supporting the creation of collaborative or single-partner R&D projects at both national and European levels, Systematic is France’s leading cluster, with 626 projects supported through to funding, representing a total of 3.18 billion euros in R&D costs, and 620 products and services resulting from this R&D.

Systematic Paris-Region is supported by French government (DGE, Ministry of the Armed Forces, Defense Innovation Agency), the Île-de-France region and local authorities in the region.

Systematic, big ambition

Systematic has strong, inspiring and committed ambitions for 2022, which will enable it to further unite all the key players in the ecosystem, by :

  • Focusing on the major challenges to facilitate the growth of our companies
  • Promoting a policy of strategic partnerships both in France and in Europe
  • Coordinating closely with the research community (IRT SystemX, UPS, CNRS, CEA, INRIA, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, ….) to build our technologies’ future
  • Supporting major regional, national and European projects and programs such as the 2024 Olympics
  • Promoting the ecosystem around the Digital Innovation Hub and make DIGIHALL become the European Deep Tech and digital technology’s flagship
  • Positioning itself as a leading partner with the French government in the industrial sectors that fall within the scope of Systematic
  • Remaining a major partner of the Paris Region in its economic development initiatives
Systematic’s objectives for 2022 include :
  • to reach more than 1,000 members, including 750 start-ups and innovative SMEs
  • 4 billion euros in R&D volume accredited and financed in France and Europe
  • to celebrate the 10,000th job created or maintained within the ecosystem
  • the emergence of the cluster’s 50th “Champion”

In Europe and internationally

The Systematic cluster wants to strengthen European innovation projects and facilitate the international development of companies through :

Partnerships with European and international clusters (China, India, USA and Singapore)
  • Defining target partners for each Hub
  • Setting up strong cooperation agreements
  • Facilitating the emergence of projects between world-class clusters (e.g. AI with Canada)

Reinforced process on Calls for Proposals
  • Agenda of EU calls at 18-24 months
  • Selection of priority European CFPs by the Hubs
  • Participation of the Stakes on the CFPs

Promotion of the ecosystem
  • Mutualization for participation in major international exhibitions
  • Hosting foreign delegations
  • Organization of international conferences

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