Finance your innovation with Europe

Benefit from European funds linked to research, technological development and/or the marketing of your product/solution! The Systematic Paris-Region cluster will support you from your innovative idea to the submission of your European project.

European programs represent an important source of funding for research, development and innovation. The Systematic Paris-Region cluster supports its members in their participation in European consortia in order to benefit from European grants.

Systematic connects its members to the dynamics of European projects by relying on its network of international partners, most of which are clusters linked to Systematic’s thematics.

The Systematic Paris-Region cluster offers a “tailor-made” service depending on the degree of maturity of your company or its project:

  • Upstream decoding of calls for projects by thematic
  • Evaluation of the needs and capacity of each applicant
  • Personalized orientation towards the appropriate funding mechanisms

  • Active assistance in the search for partners through collaborations with the cluster’s European partners
  • Expertise in putting together application files: decoding the online submission stages, checking administrative documents
  • Advice and support from our club of service providers

  • Participation of the cluster in the consortium:
    • coordination and administration of the project
    • animation, communication and dissemination of the project
  • Careful reading by the experts of the thematic Hubs and Challenges steering committees before the application file is submitted
  • Drafting of a letter of support or intention from the cluster

For any information request, you can contact:

Thierry Louvet,
Head of Europe at Systematic.
Rima, C-Voucher and REACH

3 particularly inspiring European projects

RIMA (“Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance“) is a 4-year EU-funded project (Horizon 2020) aiming at bridging the gap between robotics solutions and the market. Through a network of 13 DIH (Digital Innovation Hubs) – including Digihall in the Paris Region – and industry associations, RIMA aims to support the adoption of robotics in several areas related to inspection and maintenance.

RIMA will financially and technically support 50 experiments through two calls for proposals (2019 / 2020) for a total amount of 8.1 million euros.

For more information:


Your contact: Thierry Louvet


C-VOUCHER is an EU-funded project, bringing together 13 partners in 6 member states until 2021.

With a financial support of €4.2 million, C-Voucher will provide mentoring, guidance and grants to companies willing to join the circular “tribe”.

C-Voucher will directly support 66 SMEs by offering up to €60K/ SME and a support combining design and deep tech.

For more information:


Your contact: Romain Turminel


The REACH project (EuRopEAn incubator for trusted and secure data value CHains) is an initiative born from the successful efforts of EDI – European Data Incubator and the European Commission, Horizon 2020.

REACH will establish an innovation support mechanism and a multi-stakeholder ecosystem that will facilitate experimentation with secure and trusted data analysis solutions powered by proprietary, often multi-stakeholder, industrial and personal data. REACH will go beyond EDI, engaging digital innovation centers in the design of high-potential data value chains and value-added services.

This highly versatile and experienced consortium will leverage its knowledge, networks, and key assets to facilitate the development of +100 data-driven business ideas. It will create fertile ground for startups and SMEs to solve real-world problems for large companies, by offering the following benefits:

  • Funding through a 120,000 euro grant
  • Access to large companies and their industry data sets
  • Access to digital and business skills
  • REACH toolkit for secure and reliable data value chains
  • IT infrastructure for big data
  • Access to private investment
  • Visibility

The program will take start-ups through 4 stages of intense technical and commercial growth (EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT, EVOLVE and EXPOSE) over an 11-month period, which will go through 3 incubation cycles over the course of the 3.5-year project.

For more information:


Your contact: Alain Dinis


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