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Digital Infrastructure & IoT

The Digital Infrastructure & IoT Hub brings together a large panel of actors enabling a complete vision, capable of designing solutions embedded in communicating objects and digital infrastructures that are interoperable, open, agile, secure, intelligent and automated, meeting the requirements of many social and economic sectors.

The Digital Infrastructure & IoT Hub is the result of the blending of many of Systematic’s bricks before its transformation (telecoms, embedded systems, smart grids, mobility, industry of the future…). In order to cope with new and highly demanding uses (smart transport, industry of the future, connected health, etc.), digital infrastructure and embedded components must be adapted in terms of architecture, technical performance and scaling-up, as well as business models.

The Hub is willing to position players in the Paris-Region as leaders in the technological and business changes in digital infrastructure. It will be a driving force in structuring the national industry by interacting with the organizations involved (Embedded France, the Images et Réseaux and Mov’eo (now“Next Move”) clusters, the CSF Digital Infrastructure (national Strategic Branch Committee), etc.).

The Digital Infrastructure & IoT Hub aims to bring together the best players in its field, with the objective to design new innovative products and services and leading them to the commercial successes they deserve. It aims to improve Paris-Region ecosystem’s international visibility, as well as European connections and participation in European collaborative programs. It will work more closely with vertical application actors to design solutions that best meet their needs, and will take charge of accelerating the emergence and experimentation of new uses of digital infrastructure.
In the upcoming years, the world will become ultra-digitized, ultra-connected and ultra-automated. All social and economic sectors are already concerned: Business, Industry, Transport, Health, Leisure, Energy, Environment, Security. Connected objects are right in the middle of both physical and digital worlds. Digital infrastructures (networks, calculation and storage servers) represent the organs of communication and digital processing and are the driving force behind this evolution. However, there are still many technological obstacles to be overcome, for instance in terms of automation, interoperability, security, resource optimization…

Thanks to their performance, agility, openness, reliability and security, infrastructures will enable the creation of new services that facilitate use and improve performance in many sectors: manufacturing, connected agriculture, remote diagnosis, remote operation, autonomous vehicles, smart territories, energy, etc. The new products and services developed within the Hub will be less energy demanding than the former ones and will enable the development of environmentally responsible solutions.

The Hub has set 6 priority areas of work in its roadmap: embedded systems, connectivity and networks, infrastructure, IoT and service intelligence, trust (e.g. reliability, security, robustness), end-to-end architecture and interoperability, and business models.
Margot Prévost,
Coordinator of the Digital Infrastructure & IoT Hub, is at your disposal if you have any question.

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A word from the President





Olivier AUDOUIN, Director of External Affairs at Nokia Bell Labs France, Member at EUREKA ITEA cluster’s board and at EUREKA CELTIC cluster’s core group

President of Digital Infrastructure & IoT Hub

“Digital infrastructures and the Internet of Things are at the heart of the digital transformation of our societies, enabling the processing and sharing of information, as well as being the interface between both physical and digital worlds. They must therefore offer performance and levels of trust that are able to respond to loads of critical applications. At the same time, our field is experiencing major technological upheavals, with, for example, telecom/computer convergence, more distributed processing, more intelligent and more programmable infrastructures… 5G is coming, and it opens the field to these developments, but there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of technical, operational, usage and economic models.

In order to completely meet these challenges, we are bringing together within the Hub an impressive ecosystem of large groups, SMEs and academics, with key expertise in embedded systems, networks, clouds, vertical applications, etc. Our actions aim to catalyze interactions within this ecosystem, to develop its visibility and international connections, and to accelerate the emergence of new uses for infrastructures. We have defined our roadmap and its priorities, and we will not fail to share its developments during our regular meetings, including our annual IdéO event each September.”


Hub’s President


Director of External Affairs at Nokia Bell Labs France, Member at EUREKA ITEA cluster’s board and at EUREKA CELTIC cluster’s core group

Olivier Audouin, a graduate of ENSEIRB, is Director of External Affairs at Nokia Bell Labs France. In his position, he is in charge of collaborative research and academic as well as industrial partnerships. He previously worked for Alcatel and then Alcatel Lucent in the fields of optical transmission and networks, network architecture and protocols. As a member of Systematic’s Telecom thematic group since 2009, he became its president in January 2018 and became President of the “Digital Infrastructure & IoT” Hub in 2019, at the beginning of Systematic’s fourth phase.

Hub’s Vice-Presidents



CEO at CityPassenger

VP Business Development



University Professor, Laboratory LIP6, Sorbonne University

VP Research & Innovation


Véronique VÈQUE

University Professor, Laboratory L2S, University Paris-Saclay

VP Education, Training and Skills

Members of the steering committee

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