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Optics and photonics are at the heart of the digital revolution in an approach combining other Deep Tech technologies.

It’s time to move into the Light Age!

“Photonics, or the science and technology of light, is undoubtedly THE technology of the 21st century that is revolutionizing and will continue to revolutionize our uses, given its major scientific discoveries and infinite technological possibilities in all fields of application, particularly for major societal issues. Photonics must therefore be known, recognized and supported for its assets and capabilities, particularly in France where the excellence of research and industry is still too little known, even though it is one of the major countries on the international scene!”

If France is recognized as a world leader in optics, it is because it can rely on a historic network of excellence research organizations and a community of entrepreneurs throughout its territory. Today, French photonics represents 80,000 skilled jobs generating an estimated 15 billion euros in a global market that is expected to reach 525 billion euros by 2022.

Two major missions have been clearly identified for the Optics & Photonics Hub:

  1. To assert the “Optics & Photonics” leadership of the Paris Region:
    • Promote the players individually and collectively: Industry, Research, Platform, Training
    • Promote the contribution of photonics through Open Innovation operations and initiate a flow of flagship R&I projects that provide market solutions
    • Value the region’s major facilities and platforms
    • Increase the attractiveness of our start-ups
  2. Linking photonics with other Deep Tech sectors, both in terms of market access and in terms of cross-cutting issues such as access to talents, visibility and promotion of entrepreneurial culture

In a few figures, the Paris region is home to 30 new photonics start-ups created every year, feeding a rich and varied ecosystem that includes more than 40 universities and over 600 companies, including world-renowned players such as Thales, Safran, Essilor and Valeo.

This fertile, booming ground can also count on the excellence of its research laboratories and the dynamism of the 200 student entrepreneurs who work there. With more than 45% of the industry’s activities located in the region, Paris Region is well positioned to spearhead the French photonics industry.

The ambition of the Optics & Photonics Hub is simple: to become a recognized player in the sector, promoting the industry and uniting the Paris Region community, while remaining connected to France, Europe and the world !

The regional players in the photonics sector are now united around the Optics & Photonics Hub of the Systematic cluster, whose governance is described below.

The aim of our Hub is to support, at all levels, the passion and commitment of all players in this rapidly expanding sector (manufacturers, students, academics, public authorities, etc.).

This action is part of the national dynamic initiated by the members of Photonics France and within a Europe that has already recognized the potential of the sector and supports it.

To establish the Hub’s leadership, actions to promote the sector and unite the Paris Region community are being carried out. Priority projects include:
  1. Strategic intelligence
  2. Promotion of skills
  3. Animation of the community

Najwa Abdeljalil,
Coordinator of the Optics & Photonics Hub, is at your disposal for any information.

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A word from the President


Photonics market in France


Projects in 2019

Jean-François VINCHANT, SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques

President of the Optics & Photonics Hub

With 45% of the French optics and photonics industry, the mission of the Optics & Photonics Hub is to assert the leadership of the Paris Region by promoting its players, enhancing the value of photonics technologies and associated platforms and increasing the attractiveness of our ecosystem.

Optics and photonics are a vector for new and effective solutions to the societal and industrial challenges we face, ranging from mobility, security and artificial intelligence to health and disease detection, as well as agrifood and global issues. Indeed, the use of light is part of a sustainable development approach.

The ambition of the Systematic cluster’s Optics & Photonics Hub is to be a recognized player in the sector, promoting the industry and uniting the Paris Region community, while remaining connected to France, Europe and the world!

Photonics is a chance and an opportunity to reindustrialize France, let’s seize it!


The President

Jean-François VINCHANT

President and CEO of SEDI-ATI Optical Fibers, VP Industrial & Academic of Photonics France

Since July 2016, Jean-François Vinchant has taken over SEDI-ATI to maintain this activity in France. Trained as an engineer and doctor in electronics and optoelectronics, Jean-François Vinchant spent nearly 20 years of his career in the Optics Valley of Essonne within the companies of Alcatel, Alcatel Optronics, Avanex and 3S Photonics. After a year in General Management at Essec, he becameGeneral Manager of Polycaptil in Besançon from 2009 to 2016. Jean-François Vinchant has also been a Photonics expert for the European Commission since 2008 and since June 2018, Vice President Industry and Academia for Photonics France.

The Vice-Presidents


Director of the Charles Fabry Laboratory CNRS

Research and Innovation


Products and Business Development at optoPartner

InterHubs relationship

Optics-FRAGOLA Alexandra

Alexandra FRAGOLA

Lecturer at Sorbonne University


Optics-PALPANT Bruno


Researcher at LPQM
Professor at CentraleSupélec



President of Karthala System

Business & Market

Jean-Pierre HAMAIDE

President of III-V Lab

Business & Market

Optics-LEYNADIER Christophe

Christophe LEYNADIER

President Co-Founder of Mihaly




Operational Marketing Manager at Polytec


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